Remote/Online Learning


STUDENTS AND FAMILIES: Information regarding Warren Tech's specific learning plan for the 2020-21 school year can be found on our Restart Warren Tech page.

Please view Jeffco's overall plan below.

Restart Jeffco

Information regarding regarding Warren Tech's learning plan for the 2020-21 school year will be shared in July.

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Grading Policy 

Tuesday, March 17 - end of the school year, students will engage in remote/online learning. Please see the outlined daily schedule below. Note: We know your home high school may be requiring a more structured schedule, so we have tried to remain flexible. Our instructors are available to support any students struggling with remote/online learning.

Student expectations and a larger copy of the online/remote learning plan can be found here.

Remote Learning Schedule


Spanish-speaking families: contact Luis Robles at 720-582-4786 

Russian-speaking families: contact Irina Sapunova at 720-454-5319

Update your communication preferences on Jeffco Connect.






Attendance Policy:

  • All students will be expected to "attend" classes virtually. Students must sign in to each class daily and complete the assignment given for attendance. Students who do not do this by the end of the day will be marked absent. 
  • In order to support students in staying on track with their work and not falling behind, students must complete assignments week-to-week. Students have until Monday of the following week to turn in any late assignments. Each Monday, if a student hasn’t completed assignments from the week prior, their absence will remain in place.
  • Based on individual student needs, there may be some exceptions. Please reach out to your instructors if extenuating circumstances require you to submit assignments for the week prior after the Monday deadline. 
  • If a student is sick, cannot access the remote/online learning platform, has another barrier to access, etc. please contact your instructor. 
  • Beginning March 30th, we will take attendance on Fridays for both AM and PM. This means Warren Tech PM students WILL be responsible for completing online work on Fridays to accommodate the district-wide online/remote learning schedule.

Student Need-to-Know:

  • Students need to ensure they have an internet connection at home.
  • Students are responsible for abiding by Jeffco’s Code of Conduct while using school devices/platforms. The student is responsible for all content in their browsing history on the device and platform that is assigned to them. 
  • Know your logins and passwords.
  • Know how to contact your school and your instructor from home.
  • Be ready to complete assignments through remote/online learning platforms; if you cannot access the remote/online learning platform, please let your instructor know immediately.
  • Set up a place to focus on learning at home.
  • Use the available self-help resources here to answer many common questions around applications and technology.
  • Students need to have access to a device (computer, iPad, etc.) at home.
  • Take care of yourself and stay healthy! We are all doing the best we can in unusual circumstances. Communicate with your instructor about challenges you are having. We are here to support you. 

A Note on Work-Based Learning:


Students who are participating in an internship or apprenticeship as part of receiving school credit will be allowed to report to their employer as long as 1. the employer remains open and does not have any concerns regarding the virus, and 2. parent/guardian has approved continuing with the internship or apprenticeship.


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